Cecily J Braden

Founder Beauty Secrets

Cecily J Braden is the Founder of Beauty Secrets Global Spa Imports and a recognized leader in the wellness industry who has been educating spa professionals in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe since 1994.  Beauty Secrets was started as a result of her passion for Southeast Asia and desire to offer unique products and services that maintain the traditional techniques and philosophy of international cultures.

As the leader in Thai Spa Therapies and Originator of the Thai Herbal Poultice Facial Massage, her passion and continued study is focused on Traditional Thai Medicine and Thai Massage with a keen interest in energetic anatomy and energy-based methodologies that directly affect and influence positive and healing energetic shifts in the body.

As an International Gua Sha Educator and originator of the “Gua Sha Facial Fusion” therapy, her interests have lead her further down the path of Traditional Chinese Medicine and expanding her depth of knowledge and practice into the use of a variety of jade and gemstones for both professional use and client home care.

Trained by Dr. Ping Zhang (Gua Sha), Ratanalak Kanjananiwit (Thai facial therapy & Gua Sha), Anne Bramham (Dr. Vodder MLD, Connective Tissue Massage) and Yakov Gershkovich (Facial Lifting Technique Intra-oral Buccal Massage), Cecily has a wide-spread knowledge of facial massage and often referred to as a “sculpting genius,” the “Gua Sha queen,” and even the “Gua Sha ghangster” for the way she yields any massage tool to contour, lift, tone and provide a natural face lift and glowing complexion.

Cecily’s training efforts focus on the whole of the treatment, which embrace the technical as well as the mental, physical and spiritual aspects for both the therapist and guest, creating a deeper connection and increased health and wellness benefits.  Her belief is that the spa experience should be equal to the results.

She has traveled extensively throughout Asia learning from Thai Masters and Indonesian Healers and always with the intent of sharing her global spa experiences and gained knowledge with those who are unable to make the journey on their own.  That desire to share, from rare botanicals to indigenous massage techniques and beliefs that imbibe global spa rituals, is the driving force behind her dedication to maintain the integrity of ancient healing traditions through training and the promotion of cross-cultural spa experiences.

Cecily has been published in several trade publications, speaks often at professional spa events and consulted as the Bali Spa Authenticity Expert on the set of “New Year’s Eve” where she coached and choreographed the massage scene with Michelle Pfeifer and provided all the products & boutique items for the Bali Spa set.

Our goal is to create a global spa marketplace that reflects and honors the diversity of cultures and abundance of healing traditions practiced around the world.

Cecily practices out of New York City (by appointment only) when not on the road training, discovering new global beauty secrets or developing unique protocols and educational programs. She has become the “Esthetician’s Esthetician” with her clientele being mainly professionals who seek to experience her signature Facial Massage Therapy and how to take their facials to the next level.