Toning Face Elixir

Toning Face Elixir

madurai jasmine


The toning water mist imparts a refreshing feel to the complexion while bringing a delicate jasmine scent to the skin. Soothing plant waters of witch hazel, jasmine and watermelon give the skin a cool hydrating lift. Bamboo extract, a long-used medicinal plant in Asia, helps reinforce cell structure and increase skin elasticity keeps skin feeling fresh and moisturized all day long.


Retail 5oz
Professional 16.9oz

Skin Type:

Normal to Oily / Acne Control

Feature Ingredients and Benefits:

Watermelon:  Anti-inflammatory. Contains Vitamin A (retinol/carotene), which plays important role in production of new & healthy skin cells, along with Vitamin C and Citrulline.

Jasmine: Hydrates & refreshes; good for dry, irritated, inflamed or sensitive skin.  Balancing; good for stress-related skin disorders.  Tones, smooths and softens.

Cucumber: Cleansing; astringent, good for acne prone skin.  Moisturizes, softens, soothes and tightens (closes pores).  Anti-inflammatory.  Contains Vitamin A & C, protein, minerals, potassium, silica and sulphur that play important role in the health of connective  tissues.

Aloe Vera:  Tightens, rejuvenates and balances moisture levels.  Penetrate all layers of the skin, aiding in the absorption of vital nutrients that support all skin functions.  Activate skin’s healing power, which help in the healing process by stripping toxic materials of their harmful affects


Cleansing; removes impurities
Refreshes and revives
Anti-aging; softens, feeds skin with essential nutrients


Use as a toner on face and neck after the application of Clarifying or Replenishing Face Cleanser and when exfoliating with Nurturing Face Refiner.  Afterwards, apply Ytsara Serum and/or Cream.


Available upon request