Tibetan Red Neck Lifting Cream

jujube fruit


When everything fails to maintain or restore the youthful beauty of your neck, go with Nefeli’s Neck Lifting Cream for a  drastic lifting and firming  effect with sustained benefits.  Nature’s ultimate healing delivered by a doctor of Oriental Medicine, a ultimate authority in natural beauty and rejuvenation. Specialty beauty herbals infused in this cream  are packed with vitamins, antioxidants in natural form and anti-aging properties scientifically proven and time honored for centuries in the ancient East.

This formula  is uniquely designed and processed to reactivate your in-burn power to restore the firmness and suppleness of your skin with effects that become stronger each time you use it.


Retail 1.7oz (50ml) 

Skin Type:

All Skin Types

Feature Ingredients and Benefits:

Fruit Spike: Commonly known as the selfheal fruit-spike or Xia ku cao from the Prunellae vulgaris plant. The chemical components are ursolic acid, oleanolic acid and their saponins. Taken as a tea and purported to help liver function and gall bladder, which results in bright, clear eyes. Helps heal swollen lymph glands or lumps in the neck. Boosts immunity.

Jujube Fruit: A hydrating herb and all around beautifier. Chinese use it to make a porridge that is effective for reducing wrinkles, dark spots and blemishes, especially in the eye area. Rejuvenates (eye area) by strengthening digestive system, which generates abundant Qi via the postnatal sea of energy. Nourishes blood and heart, calms spirit.

Persimmon: Native to China and known as “apple of the orient.” Anti-oxidant, protect against free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Peel contains phytochemicals, which protects against damaging effects of aging. Immune boosting herb.


Lifts and restores firmness & suppleness
Anti-oxidant, fight free-radical damage


  1. Apply generously all over the neck in an upward sweeping motion, include the back of neck as well as front.
  2. Follow Jade Stone Neck Rejuvenating techniques


Available upon request