Thai Facial Therapies & Rituals


The Ytsara Thai Facial Ritual is an organic “facial therapy” that incorporates a rare blend of organic Thai botanicals activated through French science, along with our signature Royal Thai & Aromatherapy Sculpting Massage that focuses on specific Sên Points and Meridians to relax and relieve sore muscles along the shoulders, up the neck to the face and scalp where stress manifests most. It’s like having a facial and a massage all in one with the added benefits of sculpting, toning and contouring for a fresh, lifted and youthful appearance. 60 or 80-minutes

A custom selection of Ytsara skincare products are chosen for your specific skin type to cleanse, protect, nurture and boost the skin for a brighter and naturally healthy looking complexion.

Age Management
Luminous | Brightening

Quench, dry thirsty skin and ignite it’s natural glow. Whitening Licorice and protective Pearl Tea, smoothes and brightens the skin while at a deeper level Pea extract keeps the melanin pigments at bay. A dual skin-nourishing infusion of Argan oil and Shea Butter hydrates, erase fine lines and plumps the skin for a fair, dewy and radiant complexion.

Dry | Sun Damage | Age Spots
Focus: Even Skin Serum + Luminous Day Cream + Aqua Massage Masque + Dewy Skin Oil
Enhance: Gua Sha + Herbal Poultice Massage

Age Management
Luminous | Even Skin

For translucent complexion Grapefruit Citroflavanoids work at a deep level to fade and reduce existing age spots while providing the skin with a defense system to prevent the appearance of new ones. This early stage skin color prevention system is complemented by anti-oxidant Pearl Tea to protect against loss of collagen. Licorice and Mulberry further lighten the skin for a perfect even skin tone.

Hyperpigmentation | Uneven Skin Tone
Focus: Even Skin Serum + Luminous Day Cream + Algae Mask
Enhance: Gua Sha + Herbal Poultice Massage

Age Management
Time Rewind

For timeless beauty Velvet Camellia stimulates collagen production and nourishment to improve skin tone and enhance elasticity. Marine extract restores renewal process to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin-rich Goji Berry heals damages and inflammations, Plant Squalane protects against brown spot while Argan moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Dry | Mature | Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Focus: Visible Lift Serum + Rewind Day Cream
Enhance: Gua Sha + Herbal Poultice Massage