Quinoa Body Lotion

Quinoa Body Lotion


A rich nourishing cream, with an intense source of proteins, that provides all the necessary active principles for the functioning and strengthening of the skin cells. The skin feels soft and smooth with an immediate sensation of hydration and vitality coupled with the fresh aroma and delightful woodsy essence of Andean Palo Santo.


Retail 120 ml
Professional 1 Liter (33.8oz)

Skin Type:

Normal to Dry

Feature Ingredients and Benefits:

Quinoa: The Incas know quinoa as the “tear of the sun.”  Due to its abundance, it was considered a precious gift attributed to its holiness: the Sun god. It has a high content of plant proteins, including 12 essential amino acids that benefit the body and stimulate the formation and repair of the skin tissues and strengthens skin cells.

Palo Santo: A tree that grows in dry forests off the coast of South America.  When it dies, its wood matures over time, developing a special chemistry that produces an aromatic essential oil that is considered sacred by the Andean people and has been used for centuries as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing in healing rituals.


Deeply nourishes, feeds skin
Softens and smooth dry, damaged skin
Promotes the formation and repair of skin tissues


Apply to clean skin and gently massage until fully absorbed.  Applied after the Sachi Inchi Oil, this phase of care involves the Earth element with movements that are firmer and deeper.  For professional use and at home care.


Available upon request

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