Quenching Face Cream

Quenching Face Cream

green tea leaf


This highly regenerative cream combats damaging effects of time, pollution and skin-related stress factors, thanks to active botanical ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals. Anti-oxidants from green tea rejuvenate and protect, while tryptophan from banana and noni infuse the skin with nourishing and anti-aging elements. Face feels soothed with a healthy radiant complexion.


Retail 2oz
Professional 8.5oz

Skin Type:

Normal to Dry /Mature / Sensitive

Feature Ingredients and Benefits:

Green Tea: Anti-oxidant; contains polyphenols that intercept free radicals. Inhibits breakdown of collagen.  Suppresses inflammation, irritation and reduces appearance of age spots.

Noni Leaf:  A broad-spectrum healer. Its phyto-chemical make-up gives it a “plant intelligence” that enables it to equalize imbalances.  Anti-oxidant. Rich in Vitamin C and trace minerals.

Banana:  Calming and balancing.  Anti-aging.  Contains large quantities of magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine & potassium, along with Vitamins A, B, E & F.

Aloe Vera:  Tightens, rejuvenates and balances moisture levels.  Penetrate all layers of the skin, aiding in the absorption of vital nutrients that support all skin functions.  Activate skin’s healing power, which help in the healing process by stripping toxic materials of their harmful affects.


Quenches and feeds dehydrated, thirsty skin
Anti-aging; improves skin cell regeneration
Velvety-feel, firms and reduces fine lines and wrinkles


Apply a small amount on thoroughly cleansed face and neck.  Massage in gently with light circular and upward movements until fully absorbed.  Use before/after application of any Ytsara Serum.  For dry, sensitive and mature skin.


Available upon request