Pearl and Flower Toning Water



Packed with antioxidants from specially processed pearls, energy-promoting benefits from rose water and the power of witch hazel to unleash the skin’s natural defense against harsh factors. This unique and multi-functioning natural blend purifies and detoxifies while hydrating, rejuvenating, firming and lifting at the same time for clear, healthy and younger looking skin.


Retail 3.3oz (100ml) 

Skin Type:

All Skin Types

Feature Ingredients and Benefits:

Pearl: 18 different amino acids, plus healing trace minerals. Promotes skin’s natural production of S.O.D (superoxide dismutase).  A natural anti-inflammatory to soothe irritated skin. 100% cultured.

Scientific research has found that pearl nacre, which is the material made of pearl, can enhance regeneration of fibroblasts and helps collagen regenerate itself. Research confirms the well known traditional wisdom that pearl nacre can increase skin regeneration, thus help improve skin tone and promote youthful looking skin. It shows that pearl nacre does this by increasing collagen and other extracellular matrix production and by increasing cellular communication.

Rose Water: Calms, nourishes and hydrates the skin

Hyaluronic Acid: Restructures the skin, smooth and improves skin appearance. Serves as an integral part of the extracellular matrix of basal keratinocytes, which are major constituents of the epidermis; its free-radical scavenging function and its role in keratinocyte proliferation and migration is essential.


Unleash skin’s natural defense
Hydrate, firm and protect


  1. Using a cotton pad over the opening of the bottle so that the pad is soaked
  2. Thoroughly apply to all the areas of the face


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