Miracle Touch Jade Stone “Gua Sha” Board

agate or white jade


The Miracle Touch Jade Stone Board, designed by Dr. Ping Zhang, anti-aging expert and Ph.D in Oriental Medicine, is a world first beauty-giving and health promoting system which erases all aging and fatigue signs instantly while treating the root cause of aging and promoting vitality and energy. The Miracle Touch system includes:

1. The patented Jade Miracle Touch Gua Sha board beauty tool is the first-ever patented jade stone beauty tool that delivers cooling and lifting properties of natural stone.
2. Our specially designed  protocol works in sync with the patented Gua Sha board beauty tool to optimally stimulate youth beauty acupuncture points and meridians and activate the body’s self-healing powers to repair and remove certain toxins that cause aging.
3. Needleless yet achieves the combined benefit of acupuncture,  acupressure, tui na and more.


Retail; 1 Jade Stone Board with velvet bag, Miracle Touch Instruction Booklet and Gift Box
Prof; 1 Jade Stone Board with velvet bag

Skin Type:

All skin types

Feature Ingredients and Benefits:

Agate Jade: 

White Jade:


Instant firming and lifting
Renew facial contours and reverse sagging skin
Diminish dark circles and puffiness
Reduce appears of fine lines and deep wrinkles; smoker, mimic and smile lines
Brightens and promotes radiant complexion, reduce dark spots, blemishes and other skin problems


Follow with the Jade Stone Facial Rejuvenation techniques in the workbook included.

Comprehensive hands-on training is available, along with shorter instructional Skype sessions. Contact us for more informtion