Intensive Wrinkle Care Night Cream



Nefeli has extracted a special formula to create a powerful herbal healing cream with essence of Ginseng and Pearl. It is ideal for skin that is extremely dry, sensitive, wrinkled, sagging, aging and/or with fines lines.

How does it work?
The Nefeli Intensive Wrinkle Care Night Cream delivers healing power directly to the skin cells. It hydrates, repairs and replenishes the skin, rejuvenates the facial contours by lifting, firming and renewing the skin cells and diminishes the appearance of fines lines, wrinkles and sagging. The Nefeli Intensive Wrinkle Care Night Cream supports the skin’s recovery from environmental damage while you sleep.


Retail 1.7oz (50ml) 

Skin Type:

Normal to extremely dry, sensitive, wrinkled, sagging, aging and/or with fine lines

Feature Ingredients and Benefits:

Ginseng: “King” of all the healing herbs, it delivers instant healing and ultra nourishes, lifts and firms skin. Smooths the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles.

Rhodiola: Loaded with free-radical fighting antioxidant nutrients, this ancient China’s “Yin Elixir“ clears toxins, boosts skin’s natural recovery from  harsh environmental factors. It balances and rejuvenates the skin for a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Ginko: Protects skin, stimulates cell regeneration and collagen production. Anti-oxidant.

Pearl: Packed with dozens of amino acids and minerals, it participates in skin’s DNA and RNA metabolic activities, thus accelerate cell renewal.  Promote a flawless completion and helps the skin to fight dark and age spots. Anti-inflammatory; a top herbal for acne marks and other sensitive skin irritations. Helps skin’s natural healing power from sun damage.


Hydrates, repairs and replenishes skin
Diminish appearance fine lines, wrinkles, firms
Stimulates cell regeneration & collagen production
Boosts skin’s natural recovery from harsh environmental factors



Apply a small amount on thoroughly cleansed face and neck.  Massage in gently with light circular movements until fully absorbed.


Available upon request