Illuminating White


The new gold standard for skin lightening! Illuminating White is an innovative spot reducing formula that tackles hyperpigmentation from 5 angles using newly discovered skin lightening actives and plant concentrates that stop the tyrosinase activity that cause discoloration while rapidly lightening visible spots by dissolving existing melanin.

Newly discovered ingredients combined with scientific acumen has made the desire for safe and natural-based therapeutic alternatives a reality. Illuminating White’s success is credited to Dr. Yoel Konis, a Cosmetic Scientist and Formulator, who based his research on the concept that if nothing by itself would work as well as hydroquinone, it was essential to find a system that would allow the mixture of highly effective ingredients that also have the ability boost the activity of each other, to equal a solution that is safe and works better and quicker than hydroquinone.

The result is a safe and powerful corrective skin lightener that diminishes existing pigmented patches, prevents future discoloration from forming and brightens skin for a flawless illuminating complexion.

Brightens existing spots in 7-10 days
Full Brightening in 6 weeks

Works on all skin types (tested on Asian & Caucasian skin)
Works on any kind of spot
No side effects
No Hydroquinone


1oz (30ml)

Hyperpigmentation Concerns

  • Dark Age Spots
  • Sun Damage | Solar Lentigo
  • Hormonal Influenced Melasma “Pregnancy Mask”
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Patchy Complexion
  • Rapidly Lighten & Brighten
  • Visible Discoloration
  • Accumulation of new spots
  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (HIP)

How it works?

  1. Stops tyrosinase activity by competitive and non-competitive procedures
  2. Specialized ingredients prevent melanosome formation in melanocytes
  3. Specialized ingredients prevent the release of melanosomes from melanocytes
  4. A forcing group of ingredients interfere with the uptake of melanosomes into the epidermal cells
  5. Active reduction of existing melanin (visible spots) by anti-oxidants as Resveratrol and natural Resorcinol derivates.

Instructions for use:

  1.  Thoroughly cleanse skin of any dirt and oils to allow active ingredients to be fully absorbed by the skin’s upper layers.
  2.  Pat dry with clean towel or paper towel.
  3.  Apply Illuminating White twice a day (morning and evening) using enough to fully cover area you wish to brighten.
  • For spot reduction, apply with a cotton swab.
  • For larger areas, apply with hands and massage into desired area of brightening

During the day, use an SPF+++ (20+) to protect the treated area(s) and protect unaffected skin.

Clinical Results