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Illumina C: Spot Out & Whitening

moringa butter


A unique spot out & whitening program for all skin types supported by premium biocellulose focused to reduce overall skin hyperpigmentation and cutaneous spots.


Prof Kit = 4 treatments 
Active Charge (4 x 2.5ml)
Biocellulose Mask (4 x 15ml)
Regenerist (4 x 4ml)

Skin Type:

Sun-damaged skin
Age spots and uneven skin tone

Feature Ingredients and Benefits:

Active Charge (spot out & whitening): Hexylresorcinol; anti-aging protectant and effective skin lightener. Helps to raise skin lightening in hyper-pigmented skin and find the right tone. Increases skin firmness, smoothness and evens out dark and age spots. Kojic Acid; whitening, antioxidant and skin-lightening agent.

Biocellulose Mask (pure biocellulose fiber): Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C); antioxidant, repairing, collagen stimulating and brightening agent. Citric Acid (from Citrus Fruits) 2,5%: skin repulping natural agent.

Regenerist: Moringa Butter; natural healing and moisturizing benefits. Rhamnosoft (Biosacharide Gum 2); polysaccharide that activates cell well being and protects skin from external aggressions. Allantoin; natural calming ingredient, promotes cell regeneration, makes skin smoother and healthier. Almond oil; nourishing, soothing, and moisturizing agent able to delay ageing process. Calendula Extract; gentle and nourishing ingredient with powerful healing and anti-in ammatory properties. Chamomile; anti-in ammatory and skin soothing properties. Aloe Barbadensis; anti- in ammatory, soothing, anti-aging and healing agent.


Even skin tone, brighten
Reduce dark & age spots
Whiten, Lighten & Brighten
Healing & reduce inflammation


Apply Active Charge and massage into the skin using alternating lifting and toning techniques. Apply the BC Mask and leave for 20 minutes.  Follow with Ytsara Even Skin Serum and Luminous Day Cream or Night Infusion. Training video available upon request.


Available upon request