Herbal Poultice Foot Therapy with Thai Reflexology

Experience this heavenly deep heat medicinal foot massage that revitalizes tired, sore and overworked feet and legs due to athletics, work or an active lifestyle.  Start with an aromatherapy foot soak using sweet orange, spearmint and wild mint essential oils to cleanse and awaken the feet.  Next, IMG_9297a nourishing exfoliation prepares your feet for a therapeutic massage combining a hot steamed herbal compress filled with Thai reflexology on specific Sên Points to release blocked energy and relieve any stiffness and heaviness.  An invigorating peppermint aromatherapy massage completes the treatment and envelops your feet with a feeling of exquisite warmth, lightness and renewed energy from the feet up to the head, allowing for total body rejuvenation.


Vitality Mood Blend + Renewing Body Polish + Cranial/Foot Herbal Poultice + Energizing Body Oil

Treatment Enhancements:  Rejuvenating Body or Detox Body Mask

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