Fit Body Oil

rainforest clove


Relieves stiff and sore muscles with this warming oil containing Rainforest Clove. Found only on two Indonesian islands, the analgesic properties in the bark of this tree has been used for centuries. Oils of Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary infuse healing elements that help to detoxify the muscles and to relieve pains.


Professional only 33.8oz (1000ml)

Skin Type:

Muscular pains, After work out, Stiff muscles

Feature Ingredients and Benefits:

Rainforest Clove: Stimulates secretion of specific hormones in the brain which lessen sensitivity of nerves to pain. Pain disappears in minutes, treats bruises, sores and stiff muscles.

Tangerine: Removes toxic substances from the body, improves oxygen absorption that leads to purified blood. Fortifies the nervous system and stimulates the metabolism.

Pink Grapefruit: Healthy function of lymphatic system, treats stiffness and cramps, rich in Vitamin C, strong anti-oxidant

Rosemary: Warming, stimulates circulation and relieves sore, tight muscles, rheumatic pain and arthritis and gout.  Aids liver functions and improves digestion.

Rice Bran / Sweet Almond / Soy / Wheat Germ Oils: Support healthy skin, protect from UV damages, moisturize, nutritive, anti-inflammatory, support mature skin


Relax muscles
Alleviate muscular pain and soreness
Remove toxins that cause stiff muscles
Promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
Hydrates and moisturizes dry, dehydrated skin


Warm the oil in hands. Massage well into the skin with circular movements until fully absorbed. Perfect as a complement to body treatment programs. Use for professional massage, with Ytsara Regenerative Body Mask, or Revitalizing or Indigo Herbal Poultice.


Available upon request