Dewy Skin Oil

rose grass


Nourishes, heals and revitalizes while visibly firming skin. Soft and ultra-smooth, skin glows with new vitality. Aromatic and soothing, the Dewy Skin oil enriches everywhere it is applied, creating the possibility of infinite bespoke skincare rituals.


Professional 4oz (120ml)

Skin Type:

All Skin Types / Dehydrated, Mature
Facial Massage Oil

Feature Ingredients known Benefits:

Graveolens Flower Oil: Soothing, anti-aging, healing, creates balance between oily & dry skin

Evening Primrose Oil: Anti aging, regenerative, revitalizing, soothing for skin disorders such as acne, eczema & psoriasis

Lavender: Regulates skin moisture and oil production

Palma Rosa: Skin balancing, anti-fungal

Sesame Oil: Natural sunscreen, Vitamin E, D,B. Healing, anti bacterial, repair damaged skin cells, slows down aging

Rice Bran: High content Vitamin E, absorbs easily without being greasy, anti-oxidant, nutraceutical

Avocado Oil: Restructures the skin, softens and improves skin appearance, high content Vitamins A, D & E.


Moisturizes and nourishes dehydrated skin
Softens and smooths fine lines and wrinkles
Feeds skin with essential vitamins and minerals
Balance sebum production
Repairs, soothes & calms


Use a la carte for professional massage during any facial and/or combine with Ytsara Aqua Massage Masque for a mask/massage.  At home, apply a small amount and massage into face using upward strokes to lift, tone and condition skin.


Available upon request