Age Resolution: Repair & Rejuvenating

vitamin a


An innovative anti-age treatment created in Italian laboratories represented by MATRIX-Technology & premium biocellulose developed in order to provide the best anti-aging “tool” for professionals.


Prof Kit = 4 treatments 
Transfer Boost (8ml)
Active Charge (4 x 2.5ml)
Biocellulose Mask (4 x 15ml)

Skin Type:

Prominent and mimic wrinkles
Slowing down of cell renewal
Premature aging and loss of skin compactness

Feature Ingredients and Benefits:

Transfer Boost (Instant Carrier Complex): Artichoke; natural antioxidant that by nourishing the cells improves overall skin texture. Ginkgo biloba; natural antioxidant strong by protecting skin by free radical damage. Centella Asiatica; natural antioxidant containing Vitamins A, B, C, minerals, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, solium, silica, selenium and triterpenoids that stimulate collagen production. Equisetum; anti-in ammatory properties and acts as a softener on skin. Camellia (Green Tea); powerful antioxidant with healing, anti-aging and nutritional properties.

Active Charge (lifting & contouring): Phytosan (Soy Isoflavones); fficient in case of cellular damage produced by radiations from the sun, dermal repair agent. Vitamin A (Retinol Palmitate); stimulates cell’s turnover and collagen ber growth, high ability penetrateinside the skin improving elasticity.

Biocellulose Mask (pure biocellulose fiber): DMAE; extraordinary lifting properties, strong capacity to increase levels of moisture, muscular tone and obtain tightening effect. Chondrus crispus (Red Seaweed); seaweed silicon plant extract that provides to skin protective shield against environmental aggressions, smooths, comforts and boosts skin moisture.


Rejuvenation, improve elasticity
Restructure and repair cellular damage
Slow down aging, stimulate collagen fiber growth


Combine Active Charge and Transfer Boost and massage into the skin using alternating lifting and toning techniques. Apply the BC Mask and leave for 20 minutes.  Follow with Ytsara Urban Control or Visible Lift Serum and recommended moisturizer. Training video available upon request.


Available upon request