Here’s what clients are saying about Beauty Secrets

Hi Cecily, Absolutely enjoyed the workshop yesterday in Ithaca with Kristen! I learned so much and I am anxious to start using these methods on my clients.
Christine, Clinton NY
“Love doing this massage and all my clients love it too!! If you’re on the fence about taking this class, don’t hesitate . You won’t be sorry!”
What a wonderful treatment to be trained in! Our trainer Kristin was an absolute delight to work with and we learned so much. The steamed heat does wonders for the muscles and even in a training setting, this massage technique makes you feel very relaxed. We’re sure our guests will love getting one.
Vera Kosabutski
What a great, fun and informative 2 days of training in Dallas this past weekend. Looking so forward to sharing theses amazing treatments with my clients.
Diana Brill
I am so in love with this product and the results they have. I am giving about 3-5 services a week to multiple clients and seeing amazing results. I’m dealing with clients who have shoulder impingements, injuries and people who just need maintance. My clients muscles just melt away and rejuvenate. I have had feedback that they are staying open for about a week and not going back to where they started. Just phenomenal!!!
Thanks again BS!!
Kirsten Hicks
I felt our training for the Royal Thai Massage and facial was absolutely fantastic! Cecily presented the topics in an organized fashion and something that was easily understood. The classes were fun and educational. I have been “air practicing” the massage moves and am confident in my ability to share this amazing healing tool with my clients. I was also astounded by the immediate changes that can happen with the Thai Poultice Facial. Overall, I enjoyed the class, I learned from the class and I hope we get to have Cecily as a trainer in the near future.
Jeanne Fox LMT
Hi Cecily. I practiced on two of my friends yesterday [with Herbal Eye-Facial Poultice]. You could really see a significant difference on my older friend. I used the white clay mask. Her skin looked great.
Last week I thoroughly enjoyed the two day Herbal Poutice workshop and Kristen was a superb instructor! She made the class fun as well as informative.
The treatment itself was wonderful. Between the aroma and the warmth from the herbal poultice our senses are treated to a relaxing healing experience before the acupressure and massage are even started!
I was happy to walk away with new massage strokes and simple yet effective stretches Kristin shared with us.
The massage left me feeling grounded; relaxed as well as energized!
Barbara Ward-Edmund
I took the two day Ytsara Herbal Poultice class Sunday and Monday and it was amazing! I had the great fortune of being the volunteer for Kristen to work on and she was amazing! After the body treatment I had an incredible amount of energy.Not being a great sleeper I was thrilled to have had the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. Day two I took the cranial herbal poultice class and I could not believe the results in everyone. My skin was glowing, my face was less puffy and overall I looked and felt younger and energized! Our instructor Kristen was not only knowledgeable but fun! It was the best class I have taken so far. I am going to do my best to convince by boss that this treatment is a must have in our salon! Thanks to Kristen!
Mary Delay
I recently finished the Thai Herbal Facial Contouring training. What an absolutely amazing treatment! Stephanie, our instructor, was a great trainer. She was well informed about the herbal poultice ingredients and treatments. I loved learning the new treatment contouring technique and massage. I can’t wait to incorporate this treatment into our spa menu. Thanks again!
Darlene Van Larkin, Bella Body & Sol, Bellingham, WA