Luminous Night Infusion

Luminous Night Infusion


pearl tea


white luminous skin | perfects & evens skin tone
improves skin elasticity
protects against cell damage | smoothes away fine lines
protects skin DNA against environmental damages


normal to dry | tight | sensitive | mature | pigmented

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Significantly lightens skin complexion and gives back its original glow. Reduction of uneven skin consists of decreasing the melanin (color) in the skin, preventing its formation and diminishing its transport thanks to a combination of Pea extract & Sucrose Dilaurate. This early stage skin color prevention system, is complemented by anti-oxidant Pearl Tea, to protect against loss of collagen. Algae Extract decreases tyrosinase activity to reduce age spots and melasma. A dual skin nourishing infusion of Argan oil and Shea Butter hydrates, smoothes fine lines and plumps the skin for a bouncy radiant face.


Skin brightness -measured on Asian skin-: 48% (after 56 days)
Skin homogeneity: 34%
Color intensity of spotless area: -50% (after 56 days)
Decrease in tyrosinase activity: -40%
Diminution of number, intensity and size of age spots: 9,6%
Protects skin against loss of elasticity: +62%
Protection against UVA and UVB radiations: +126%

Additional information

Weight .41 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 2.5 in





Amenity/Travel Size – 0.5 fl oz (15ml), Retail – 1.7 fl oz (50ml)