Lime & Turmeric Cleansing Facial Balm

Lime & Turmeric Cleansing Facial Balm


Turmeric Root | Lime | Moringa


cleanse | refresh | hydrate
anti-bacterial | smooth complexion
calms | revive from environmental aggressors


All skin types
Blemish-prone skin

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A deep cleansing and moisturizing facial balm with organic seed oils of castor, moringa and passion fruit oils. Removes dirt and make up gently without stripping skin of its natural oils. This soft balm is hand blended with turmeric root essential oil, well known for its natural antibacterial properties. It calms the skin and takes care of blemishes; the paired lime oil adds an uplifting and refreshing zing.

Effective cleansing and moisturizing balm, easy to apply and non-greasy.

Use: Place balm on fingertips and apply liberally to face and neck.  Massage into skin for 3-5 minutes and remove with a damp cotton pad or cloth. Avoid contact with eyes.

The Wild Roots of Zingiber Facial Care

A luxurious range of cosmos certified, hand blended facial and skincare products, formulated with cold pressed organic seed oils, and distillations of ginger, plai, turmeric, ginger lily and frankincense. This remarkable blend of raw oils, zingiber roots and boswellia tree resin provides optimum hydration with healing and nourishing properties that have long been used in effective eastern s