Ginger Lily & Rose Energizing Facial Spritz



hydrates & refreshes
stressed or weather-beaten skin


All Skin Types
Suitable for all day use

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This “pick me up” facial spritz brings together two of nature’s best skin care gifts, rose and ginger lily. A pure and simple blend to instantly refresh city stressed or weather-beaten skin.

Keep handy and use as often as required.

Use: Apply before application of any facial oil or serum. Spray from bottle, held at least 6-12″ from face while closing your eyes. Allow mist to dry naturally.

Wild Roots of Zingiber Facial Care

A luxurious range of cosmos certified, hand blended facial and skincare products, formulated with cold pressed organic seed oils, and distillations of ginger, plai, turmeric, ginger lily and frankincense. This remarkable blend of raw oils, zingiber roots and boswellia tree resin provides op