Even Skin Serum


pearl tea


evens skin tone | prevents new spots
reduces size, number & color of dark spots
boosts skin defense against free radicals & sun damage
protects skin DNA against environmental damages


all skin types | pigmented | wrinkled | sensitive

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Grapefruit Citroflavanoids work at a deep level to fade and reduce existing age spots and provide the skin with a defense system to prevent the appearance of new dark spots. Reduction of uneven skin consists of decreasing the melanin (color) in the skin, preventing its formation and diminishing its transport thanks to a cleve r combination of Pea Extract and Sucrose Dilaurate. This early stage skin color prevention system is complemented by anti-oxidant Pearl Tea, to protect against loss of collagen. Licorice and Mulberry further lighten the skin for a perfect flawless skin.


Diminution of melanin: -65%
Decrease in tyrosinase activity: -40%
Color intensity of pigmented spots: -37% (after 56 days)
Number of pigmented age spots: -32% (after 56 days)
Decrease of PMEL 17 gene expression: -23% (PMEL 17 involves melanin production and melanosome maturation)
Decrease in pigmentation index: – 7%
Brightening skin tone: +5%

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Amenity/Travel Size – 4 ml, Professional – 1.7 fl oz (50ml), Retail – 1 fl oz (30ml)