Eco-friendly Jade Stone Travel Pouch

Eco-friendly Jade Stone Travel Pouch



multiple pockets of varying size
protects any jade or gemstone
eco-friendly; no paper, no plastic, no waste
light weight and compact
easy to pack; flat or as tri-fold
washable (pre-shrunk fabric, no dye)


All Jade & Gemstones
Jade Rollers & Massage Wands
Reflexology Facial Tools
Travel Size Products

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The Jade Stone Travel Pouch was designed by Cecily Braden, a Gua Sha Tool Designer, Educator and frequent traveler who was in need of a way to easily tote her personal collection of Jade and Gemstones throughout the globe while ensuring their safety.

Lacking an eco-friendly option, she created one that would fit and protect multiple stones, was easy to pack and void of any dyes, plastic or paper (boxes).

3 pocket sizes (tools not included with purchase):

Top Pocket (10″ x 3.5″):
Jade Rollers | Reflexology Tools | Make-up, or Mask Brushes

Middle Pockets; 3 (3.5″ x 4″)
Jade Stones | Sculpting Spoons | Purifying Mist

Bottom Pockets; 2 (5″ x 4.5″)
Nefeli White Jade Stone | Gua Sha Body Tools | Travel Size Products

Other uses:

Personal items; toothbrush, make-up and skincare.
Cell phone chargers, cords and connectors, writing utensils and sticky notes

Note: Beauty Secrets Logo appears on front and inside. Not shown in photo, new pictures coming soon.



Additional information

Weight 0.24375 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 8 × .50 in



Beauty Secrets, Designed by Cecily Braden