Laser/IPL Hair Removal vs. Epilfree

How does IPL and laser hair removal work?

IPL and LASER hair removal machines use intense pulses of light to generate heat. As the light is absorbed more by darker surfaces, such as skin or hair containing melanin, the dark areas heat up. An ideal candidate for laser hair removal has light-colored skin and dark colored hair so that the heat generated by the laser light goes to the hair and not the skin. The heat generated by the light absorption travels down the hair shaft to the bottom of the follicle. Only hair that is in the growth (Anagen) phase is visible on top of the skin and still attached to the root, providing a path for the heat. About 10% to 15% of hair is in the growth phase at any given time and therefore 8 to 12 treatments are necessary to treat all of the hairs. When sufficient energy is used, enough heat reaches the bottom of the follicle to cause a burn and damage the hair root, thus preventing the growth of a new hair.

Limitations of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal depends on a number of factors that affect its effectiveness. As the treatment depends on the difference in color between skin and hair, the best candidates have light skin and dark hair.
As laser/IPL utilize light to generate the heat, the skin becomes sensitive to ultraviolet light and is not recommended to expose the treated area to the sun during the months of treatment.
The effectiveness of laser hair removal is highly dependent upon the skill of the operator, the quality of the machine and the power settings used. It is only effective when sufficient temperatures are reached at the bottom of the follicle, which require a higher power setting and often result in greater pain for the client. Reducing the power to minimize the pain may make the treatment ineffective and is one of the primary reasons for the regrowth of hair after laser treatments.

Laser hair removal side effects

Those with dark skin or blonde, red, gray or white hair are not ideal candidates and risk ineffective treatments and even burning or scarring. Another of the laser hair removal side effects is UV sensitivity, which is caused by the light from the machine on the skin during the treatment.

Characteristics IPL/Laser Epilfree
Suitable for any hair types (dark, white, blond, red, baby hair) NO YES
Suitable for any skin type (black, brown, tanned, white) NO YES
Suitable for all ages (even teenagers) NO YES
Suitable for all parts of the body (including face & intimate areas) NO YES
Painless NO YES
Free of side effects (no burns, blemishes, pigment changes) NO YES
Enjoy the sunshine anytime (no UV light sensitivity) NO YES
Quick & Easy as 1-2-3 NO YES