How it Works

Epilfree consists of 2 solutions (Toner A & Toner B) that work in perfect synchronization with one another to inhibit and eliminate hair growth.

The Activator (Toner A) was developed with a high pH in order to enlarge the pores and increase the hair shaft gate by 4 times. This allows Toner B to penetrate faster and deeper into the skin to permanently affect the cell, which is in dividing process. There are also ingredients that keep the hair shaft hygienic.

The Inhibitor (Toner B) was developed based on the botanical knowledge and cosmetic scientific formulation expertise of Dr. Yoel Konis PhD in order to affect the hair cell when it is in the dividing process. The composition of the expertly chosen ingredients works on the live cells at the base of the hair shaft to render them incapable of producing any more hair growth. One of the ingredients in the Toner B limits the amount of respiration activity to the dividing cell exclusively in the epidermis layer.

This action is target specific and will affect the dividing cell only under the condition that the hair follicle is totally empty. The hair shaft, root seed have to be totally removed through the epilating process.

Epilfree is effective on a hair that is in the growth (Anagen) phase of the hair cycle when the hair is still attached to the root.


Step 1

Remove the Unwanted Hair 

The first step in the Epilfree treatment is the removal of the unwanted hair by way of epilation. The key is that the hair is pulled from the root and the wax used doesn’t leave a residue on the skin to inhibit the penetration of the active ingredients.

Epilfree is effective and can be used with a wide variety of waxes. A wax based on glucose, or one that is “rosin-free” is recommended. They key is to use a wax that doesn’t leave a residue. Even if it looks clean, the majority of waxes will leave a film or contain oils that can affect the penetration of the active ingredients and thus, the end result.