How it Works

Epilfree is a unique, revolutionary product that provides permanent hair reduction without the use of a machine, such as laser, IPL or electrolysis. Epilfree has been proven to permanently stop the regrowth of hair on all parts of the body, regardless of hair color or skin type. Epilfree is effective on a hair that is in the growth (Anagen) phase of the hair cycle when the hair is still attached to the root.


Step 1

Remove the Unwanted Hair 

The first step in the Epilfree treatment is the removal of the unwanted hair by way of epilation. The key is that the hair is pulled from the root and the wax used doesn’t leave a residue on the skin to inhibit the penetration of the active ingredients.

Step 2

Epilfree-Intimcare-ActivatorSpray on the Activator

Immediately after step 1, once the unwanted hair has been removed from the follicles, the Epilfree Activator is applied to the skin.  The Activator opens the follicles larger than normal size, so that the Epilfree Toner can be absorbed in step 3.

Step 3

Epilfree-Intimcare-Toner-BMassage in the Toner Gel

Three minutes after step 2, when the hair follicles are fully open, the Epilfree Toner gel is applied and massaged into the skin until it is fully absorbed.  The active, plant-based ingredients in Epilfree fuse the root hair cells and prevent them from re-growing a new hair, permanently!