Ytsara Phyto 7

Ytsara’s Phyto 7 100% Certified Natural preservative base is a holistic alternative to synthetic additives/parabens that combines the roots, barks, leaves, flowers & fruit of 7 plants to stabilizes the organic ingredients in each formula as well as provide additional skin & body care benefits beyond the potent blend of botanicals in each individual product.

  • 36-month shelf-life
  • No parabens or other synthetic preservatives
  • Anti-oxidant, Anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial, Anti-inflammatory with skin moisturizing benefits
  • Plant Source: Roots, barks, leaves, flowers & fruits of seven plants
  • No mineral oil or mineral oil derivatives
  • No animal derivatives or tests on animals; vegan
  • No artificial fragrances; our aromas are from pure natural essential oils & extracts

Aloe vera

Actives skin’s healing power. Cleanses, balances moisture levels, tightens & rejuvenates. Contains calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, sodium and natural detoxifiers.
Found in: Replenishing Face Cleanser, Toning Face Elixir, Quenching Mask , Hydra Rescue Serum, Renewing Body Polish, Detox Body Wrap, Invigorating Body Wash, Calming Body Gel, Nourishing Body Cream


(Persea gratissima fruit extract)
Skin conditioning, velvet-like oil that is good for dry skin. High Vitamin content A, D & E.
Found in: Stimulating Facial Oil, Lift Recovery Serum

Apricot Kernal Oil

(Prunus armeniaca)
Nourishing; high Vitamin A content.
Found in: Lift Recovery Serum

Bamboo shoot

(Bambusa arundinacea extract)
Moisturizing and nourishing. Cross-liking agent provides strength, flexibility & resilience to collagen & elastin connective tissue. Contains cellulose and silica, which carries 40-50% moisture for hydration.
Found in:Quenching Cream & Mask, Toning Face Elixir


(Musa sp oil)
Nourishing, calming & balancing. Anti-aging; contain magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, folic acid and Vitamins A, B and E. Healing; burns, rashes & boils.
Found in: Quenching Cream, Rejuvenating Body Mask


(Cinnamonum camphora)
Stimulant of the immune system, anti-viral, cardiac tonic. Relaxant for stress-related exhaustion and neuralgia.
Found in: Cranial Poultice, Herbal & Indigo Poultice


(Cinnamonum zeylanicum)
Stimulating, tonifying & restorative. Good for muscles aches & tired, weak condition. Strong anti-septic.
Found in:Indigo Herbal Poultice


(Cocos nucifera meat & oil)
Moisturizes & softens skin.. Anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-microbial; destroys acne causing bacteria. Anti-inflammatory, prevents itching.
Found in: Coconut Oil, Coconut Poultice, Stone Soap

Corn scrub

(Zea mais)
Gently removes dead skin cells without harming the epidermis.
Found in:Tanka, Soothing Herbal Scrub, Renewing Body Polish


(Eugenia Caryophyllata)
Warms & energizes. Anti-septic, analgesic, digestive.
Found in: Contouring Body Wrap, Detox Body Wrap


(Cucumis sativus)
Cleansing; astringent, good for acne prone skin. Moisturizes, softens, soothes & tightens skin. Contains vitamin A & C, protein, mineral, calcium
Found in:Clarifying Face Cleanser, Toning Face Elixir, Hydra Rescue Serum, Invigorating Body Wash, Calming Body Gel, Nourishing Body Cream

Damask Rose

(Rosa damascensa flower water)
Gentle Cleanser & toner; all skin types. Maintains pH balance. Stimulate skin regeneration. Calms acense, irritated & sunburns. Anti-aging; hydrates dry, aging skin.
Found in: Hydra Rescue Serum


(Eucalyptus globules)
Refreshing & stimulating, toning, blood cleanser. Increases oxygen supply to every body cell & activates red blood cell functioning.
Found in:Contour Body Wrap, Indigo Herbal Poultice, Detox Body Wrap


(Pelargonium gravolens)
Anti-aging, antiseptic, astringent; fights bacteria, viruses & fungi. Effective for dry & oily skin; eczema, acne, burns & infected wounds. Moisturizing and calming, has a balancing effect on sebum secretion.
Found in:Quenching Cream, Eye Poultice, Rejuvenating Body Mask


(Zingiber officinale)
Soothes muscles aches & pains. Stimulates circulation, warming.
Found in:Contour & Detox Body Wrap, Indigo Herbal Poultice

Thai Ginger

(Zingiber cassumunar)
Soothes muscles aches & pains. Stimulates circulation, warming.
Found in:All Herbal Poultice

Green tea

(Morus alba)
Rejuvenates, moisturizes & detoxifies. Anti-oxidant; intercepts free radicals due to high % of polyphenols, tannins, amino acids & Vitamin C. Suppresses inflammation & irritation. Lightens skin by slowing transport of melanin to the surface of skin.
Found in:Quenching Cream, Hydra Rescue Serum, Youth Booster Mask, Contour Body Wrap

Guava leaf

(Psidium guajava)
Soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial. Rich in vitamin C.

Found in

:Rejuvenating Body Concentrate

Holy basil

(Occinum tenniflorum)
Restorative and stimulant.
Found in:Calming Herbal Poultice


(Hedera helix)
Anti-aging; reduces fine lines, tightens tissues, rejuvenates & improves micro circulation. Emollient supports lymphatic drainage, decongestant, eliminates excess water for firmer skin. Regulates sebum.
Found in: Quenching Mask, Invigorating Body Wash

Java Apple

(Syzygium samarangenses)
Powerful moisturizer; hydrates & balances. Good for dry, irritated, inflamed, itching & sensitive skin. Tones, soothes & softens skin. Healing; antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & anti-depressant. Contains Vitamins E and C.
Found in: Toning Face Elixir, Quenching Cream, Calming Herbal Poultice

Jasmine Flower Water

(Jasminum officinale flower water)
Hydrates & refreshes; good for dry, irritated, inflamed or sensitive skin. Balancing; good for stress-related skin disorders. Tones, smoothes & softens skin. Anti-inflammatory & antiseptic.
Found in:Replenishing Face Cleanser, Toning Face Elixir, Balancing Mask, Hydra Rescue Serum, Calming Body Gel

Kaffir Lime

(citrus hystrix oil)
Cleanser; astringent, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, blood purifier (detoxifying). Relaxing & uplifting. Recommended for blemished skin, oily skin, water clogged skin.
Found in:Calming Herbal Poultice, Hydra Rescue Serum, Contour & Detox Body Wrap


(Lavendula officinalis)
Skin conditioning for all skin types; regulates sebum production. Increases circulation; flush toxins. Promotes new cell regeneration. Calming; ease nervous tension. Healing; treat burns, eczema, dermatitis, acne.
Found in: Most Ytsara products


(Cymbopogon citratus)
Cleansing; anti-septic. Tonic; tightens weak connective tissues. Stimulates lymph drainage; reduces swollen tissues. Contains Vitamins B, B5 and C. Calms stress related skin & body discomforts.
Found in:Most Ytsara Products, Oil of Java Cellulite Oil

Pepper powder

(Piper rnigrum)
Stimulate circulation, warming. Improves poor muscle tone. Relieves muscle aches & pains, balances fat metabolism.
Found in:Contour Body Oil

Lotus flower

(Nelubo speciosum)
Moisturizes, purifies oily skin. Astringent; soothes & tones. Contains proteins, vitamin A (retinol) & vitamin C; important in production of cell renewal.
Found in:Hydra Rescue Serum

Lotus seed

(Nelubo nucifera)
Stimulates blood circulation, decongestant.
Found in:Calming Body Gel


(Citrus reticulata)
Detoxifies; relieve fluid retention, aid. Relax cramped muscles, soothing to nervous system. Astringent for oily skin.
Found in:Energizing Body Oil, Detox Body Oil, Detox Body Wrap


(Garcinia mangostana)
Anti-aging; fights free radicals and helps in skin cell regeneration,
Found in:Rejuvenating Body Concentrate


(Mentha viridis)
Stimulates blood circulation. Decongestant, recommended on blemished skin. Anti-septic.
Found in:Herbal Poultice

Neroli or Orange blossoms

(Citrus aurantium)
Cleansing, astringent, good for blemished, irritable & mature skin. Anti-oxidant; rich in Vitamin C. Supports & stimulates skin renewal process, good for broken blood vessels. Calming & relaxing.
Found in:Balancing Cream, Lift Recovery Serum

Noni leaf

(Morinda citrifolia)
Moisturizing, stimulating & anti-oxidant. Healing, regenerates skin cells.
Found in:Quenching Cream


(Carica papaya)
Exfoliates; softens rough, dry, aging, scaly skin. Cleansing; good for acne, vulgaris & age spots/whitening. A.k.a “biological scalpel;” contains papain that dissolves old tissues and unwanted substances.
Found in: Nurturing Face Refiner, Balancing Cream & Mask, Rejuenating Body Mask, Detox Body Wrap

Passion fruit seed

(Passiflora incarnata)
Soothing & relaxing. Anti-oxidant. Rich in Vitamins C & E, this light oil leaves skin soft without being over-occlusive.
Found in: all Ytsara Body Oils


(Pogostemon patchouli)
Anti-inflammatory, anti-septic. Soothes dry irritated aging skins. Helps eliminate excess tissue fluid.
Found in: Balancing Cream, Eye Poultice


(Ananas comosus)
Peeling, neutralizes fatty acid. Anti-ageing, stimulates skin renewal, healing and anti-inflammatory. Contains bromelain enzyme that reduces pain and swelling.
Found in: Replenishing Face Cleanser, Rejuvenating Body Mask

Rice bran

(Oryza sativa)
Contains high content of Oryzamol or Tocotrienol, considered two of the most powerful nutraceutical & anti-oxidants existing in nature. A gentle oil, compatible with all skin types.
Found in:Quenching Cream, Lift Recovery Serum, Hydra Rescue Serum, Renewing Body Polish, Invigorating Body Wash, Stone Soap, All Ytsara Face & Body Oils & Creams, All Dewi Sri Spa products

Roselle or Hibiscus

(Hibiscus sabdariffa)
Cleansing, peeling, anti-bacterial, astringent, smoothes the lines & improves skin clarity. High protein and mineral content, Vitamin E and carotenoïd.
Found in: CReplenishing Face Cleanser, Eye Poultice


(Rosemarinus officinalis)
Anti-septic. Good for oily blemished skin, skin detoxifier. Nerve stimulant, centering, improves mental capacity.
Found in:Clarifying Face Cleanser, Stimulating Facial Oil, Energizing Body Oil, Harmony & Equilibrium Bath Salt, Vitality Mood Blend, Detox Body Wrap


(Aniba rosaeodora)
Anti-aging; stimulates skin cell renewal & strengthens weak connective tissues. Good for sensitive, dry & combination dry/oily skin, acne, dermatitis, scars, wounds & wrinkles.
Found in: Stimulating Facial Oil, Purity Mood Blend, Hydra Rescue Serum, Lift Recovery Serum


(Laminaria sp powder)
Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, detoxifies & hydrates. Increases metabolic rate, facilitates digestion & burns fat. Contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes & trace elements.
Found in: Nurturing Face Refiner


(Carthamus tinctorus)
Moisturizes and conditions the skin. Rich in linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acid (Vitamin F).
Found in:Ytsara Body Oils, Wraps and Cleansing Facial Milk


(Santalum album)
Cooling and restorative. Emollient and anti-inflammatory. Soothing for inflamed skin.
Found in: Soothing Herbal Scrub

Sesame Seed oil

(Sesamum indicum oil)
Softens & conditions skin; helps regenerate damaged skin from UV radiation. Rich in Vitamin B2 & minerals, which play an important role in forming healthy cell tissue.
Found in:Ytsara Facial & Body Oils, Replenishing Face Cleanser, Lift Recovery Serum


(Glycine max)
Conditions & softens the skin. Effective in the treatment of dermatisis. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids (61%). Contains Vitamins E and F.
Found in: All Ytsara Facial & Body Oils.

Star fruit

(Averrhoea carambola)
Moisturizes, smoothes & rejuvenates skin. Contains Vitamin A & E.
Found in: Replenishing Face Cleanser, Nourishing Body Cream


(Helianthus annuus)
Light oil for a satiny non-greasy feel on the skin. High in saturated fatty acids & Vitamins A, B, D & E.
Found in:Ytsara Body Wrap

Sweet almond

(Prunus dulcis)
Skin softener; good for dry, sensitive skin. Nourishes; relieves itching, soreness and inflammation. Penetrates rapidly, helps in the absorption of other essential oils and nutrients.
Found in:Quenching Cream, Renewing Body Polish, All Ytsara Body Oils

Sweet orange

(Citrus sinensis)
Cleansing, regenerative, stimulates circulation, moisturizes & softens the epidermis. Anti-inflammatory. High source of Vitamin C, folic acid, biotin & Vitamins B1, B2 and B6.
Found in:Most Ytsara products

Shea Butter

(Butyrospermum parkii)
Moisturizes skin; replenishes lost oils & encourages balanced production of lipids. Possesses protective properties & stimulates skin renewal. Good for dermatitis, eczema, rashes, severely dry & cracked skin, psoriasis.
Found in:Balancing Cream, Renewing Body Polish

Spearmint Oil

(Mentha Spicata)
Refreshes, revives, expectorant, soothes skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, provides relief from itching & burning. Stimulates metabolism.
Found in:Calming Body Gel, Stone Soap


(Tamarindus indica)
Exfoliating (fruit acid), anti-oxidant, analgesic, anti-aging. Hydrates & regenerates new skin cells. Contains protein, minerals (calcium, phosphorus & iron) and Vitamins B5, B6, C and E.
Found in: Nurturing Face Refiner, Toning Face Elixir, Herbal Poultice, Renewing Body Polish, Rejuvenating Body Wrap, Nourishing Body Cream


(Limonia acidissima)
Soothes and calms irritated skin. Contains natural SPF.
Found in: Soothing Herbal Scrub

Thai Bergamot

(Citrus histrix)
Balancing for oily complexion. Anti-depressant and anti-toxic.
Found in:Cranial Poultice, Herbal Poultice, Calming Body Gel


(Curcuma longa Linn)
Anti-oxidant; 5x stronger than Vit E. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral. Softens skin, stimulates immune system & circulation.
Found in:All Herbal Poultice, Detox Body Wrap, All Dewi Sri Spa products


(citrullus vulgaris)
Cleansing; astringent. Blood purifier; cleanses tissue. Moisturizes & softens skin. Anti-oxidant, anti- inflammatory/cooling. Contains Vitamin A (retinol/carotene); important in production of new skin cells. Vitamin C (fruit acid) & citrulline (amino acid).
Found in: Toning Face Elixir

White orchid

(Cymbidium grandiflorum flower extract)
National Flower of Thailand; known for reparative & protective properties. Anti-wrinkle; increases moisture retention to restore elasticity. Anti-oxidant; fights free radicals. Rich in Vitamins C, B, B3 & lactic acid.
Found in: Balancing Cream & Mask

Ylang Ylang

(Cananga odorata)
Antiseptic; helps control production of sebum. Stimulates skin renewal, Effective for oily, irritated skin, acne, dandruff, eczema & wrinkles. Calming, soothes nervous tension.
Found in:Balancing Cream, Rejuvenating Body Concentrate