Global Spa Treatment Guide

Beauty Secrets Global Spa Therapies are centered on millenary healing principals and incorporate the traditional techniques as well as products and rare botanicals that are indigenous to each region. Utilizing our wide range of services & healing modalities, we are able to develop spa menu’s that cater to the individual needs of each spa & their clientele.

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Gua Sha Facial Fusion

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese treatment that includes the use of a small jade board to gently massage, manipulate and stimulate specific energy points along the face and body, using a “scraping” motion which helps break up blood stagnation, release toxins, and promote lymphatic drainage.

The Dark Green Gua Sha Facial Fusion therapy achieves immediately noticeable results in the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, dark circles, puffy eyes and sagging skin by combining a unique blend of facial massage therapies that clears noxious accumulation, releases deep-seeded tension and promotes the free flow of vital nutrients to feed the skin and re-pattern the way it ages.

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Organic Skincare TherapiesOrganic Skincare & Facial Therapies

Ytsara organic facial therapies are a mesmerizing experience based on the brilliant osmosis of Eastern healing practices fused with the Earth’s mega-bio diversity of natural remedies from plants, roots, herbs, trees, fruits & flowers.
Ytsara Skincare products are naturally infused with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential to heal, nourish, regenerate, balance & protect the skin.
Thai Facial Therapy
Herbal Poultice Advanced Facial Massage
Gua Sha Jade Stone Facial Rejuvenation

Herbal Poultice Therapies

Herbal Poultice Therapies

The tradition of herbal healing dates back for centuries & is an integrated system of medicine incorporating the Indian Ayurvedic system with Chinese practices, mixed folk medicine and the belief in the powers of nature and earth..
Herbal Poultice Full-Body Massage
Cranial Herbal Poultice Head & Neck Recovery Massage
Herbal Poultice Foot Therapy with Thai Reflexology
Herbal Poultice Advanced Facial Massage (Contour & Lift)

Body Wraps and Rituals

All our body treatments and rituals focus on the beauty, spirit and healing traditions of millenary cultures that respect the land and believe in uniting the body with nature to achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Ytsara Organic Body Rituals
Skin Reveal Regenerative Body Mask
Mystic Inka Treatment (Aypa)

Skin Enhancing Scrubs & Bath Therapies

Inspired by Asian healing and beauty rituals, our spa programs offer a global approach to age-old Eastern practices for use in the modern spa to encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit.
Nourishing Body Lotion or Calming Body Gel.

Hom Mali Jasmine Rice Scrub
Tanaka, Golden Triangle Body Cleansing
Tropical Retreat Floral Bath

Hand & Foot Therapies

Discover our exquisite herbal blends, gently scented flowers and pure essential oils to bring relief to overworked extremities that bear the brunt of our daily duties.

Sukapao, Thai Spa Foot Ritual
Tanaka, Golden Triangle Foot Smoother
Green Tea Youth Booster Age Management Hand & Foot Therapy