Epilfree Reviews

Here’s what clients are saying about Epilfree.

I love the Epilfree! It works so well on me! I barely have any hair left!
Hi all!
In the past I have done lasers and clearly they didn’t work for everyone. I am torn between starting this product at our spa because of the mixed reviews however I feel in this industry everything is worth a try! I meet with my rep Thursday so I guess we will see!! Any advice for us? Also do you have clients fill out a consent stating that it is case by case just in case they don’t see as great of results that are promised? Thanks!!
Midwest anti-aging
Danielle Byrnes
No, you have to wax before Epilfree, that is it. The hair has to be long enough to pull. Epilfree is applied afterwards; Toner A to open the hair shaft & prepare for the Activator B, which is massaged into the treatment area. It is simple & effective! Email me and I can provide more information. cecily@bsecrets.com
Cecily Braden