What is the Epilfree System?

Epilfree is NOT a wax, but rather works with waxing (epilation)!!

It’s a natural (plant-based) & safe scientific solution for permanent hair reduction that that works with waxing, so it is suitable for everyone. Any skin tone or hair color, including blonde, gray, red and even fine vellus hair. It combines the simplicity of use with exceptional results that are equal to laser, but without the limitations & cost.

Epilfree has been proven to permanently stop the regrowth of hair on all parts of the body, regardless of skin tone or hair color and is safe & effective for those who have naturally dark or tanned skin or are photo sensitive due to medication. There is never a danger of skin pigmentation before during or after treatments.

Epilfree is target specific and only eradicates the cells that are involved with the hair dividing process, so the skin remains healthy.

It is safe & effective for those who have naturally dark or tanned skin or are photo sensitive due to medication. There is never a danger of skin pigmentation before during or after treatments.

It’s a safe, effective & affordable alternative to laser & electrolysis hair removal methods & works in cases where they are ineffective or not an option and can be used as a complementary treatment.

Epilfree Facial Care |  designed for use on the delicate facial area

Epilfree Intimate Care | designed for use on the sensitive underarm and bikini area

Epilfree Body Care | designed for use on the rest of the body

Each Epilfree Professional Care Kits are specially formulated for the type of hair that grows on that part of the body.

Yes, the EpilFREE treatment is completely pain-free, adding no sensation beyond that of normal waxing. The application of the Activator and Toner after the Epilation wax is similar in feeling to applying skin lotion.  The lotions leave no color nor odour on the skin.  There is no risk of burning, scarring or discoloration and no side effects have been observed.  Epilfree has been used to treat over 1 million customers world-wide with no adverse reactions reported.
The product consists essentially of natural ingredients that are suitable to all skin types. However if you have a very sensitive skin, it is recommended that you have the Toner B tested on a small portion of your skin prior to completing the treatment.
EpilFREE is a unique hair removal system consisting of natural lotions that are applied in a specific process to the hair follicles in your skin.  It contains a special combination of plant-based ingredients that effectively stops the splitting of root hair cells and thus preventing the growth of new hair in the treated follicle.

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A series of 8-12 treatments is typically needed to effectively reduce the hair in most areas. The need for a series of treatments is due to the way that hair grows in stages, with only about 10-15% of the hair on your body at one time in the growth stage where EpilFREE can be effective. The exact number of treatments needed varies among individuals and body parts.
Typically results become visibly obvious after 2-3 treatments, with a full course of 8-12 treatments required to stop the growth of most of the hair. The speed of visible results varies among individuals and body parts but in general, about 10–15% of hair reduction is seen per treatment. A slowing of hair growth and a lightening of the regrowth hair are additional side benefits experienced by many people.
Yes, EpilFREE is the first lasting hair removal system that works equally well on all hair colors and skin types.  If you have blonde, red, grey, white or fine baby or vellus hair, EpilFREE will work for you, the same as it works on darker hair such as brunette and black and lighter skin. EpilFree even works on tattooed skin as it does not use light or heat like laser and therefore there is no risk of burning or scarring.
Yes, EpilFREE is the first lasting hair removal system that works equally well on all skin colors and types.  If you have tan, freckled, brown or black skin, EpilFREE will work for you the same as it works on lighter skin.  There is no sensitivity or risk to the skin as there is with laser, IPL or other light based hair removal methods.
Tired of unwanted hair interfering with your tattoos?  Finally there is a permanent solution.  Epilfree is the only permanent solution that works over tattoos of any color.  LASER and IPL use light to create heat in dark surfaces, so they cannot be used on tattoos for hair removal due to the high risk of burns and discoloration.  Epilfree is a natural, plant-based lotion that does not use any light or heat.  It is a pain-free permanent hair removal solution for before or after your tattooing.
Yes, EpilFREE works well on all people, men or women.  As each person grows hair at different rates, and men often grow thicker, coarser hair at a faster rate than women, additional and more frequent treatments may be necessary to get the same full hair reduction results.  Your Certified EpilFREE Esthetician will consult with you on the proper course of treatment for your situation.
Yes, EpilFREE can be used by all people regardless of age.  It has been tested by Cosmepar independent laboratories in France and demonstrated to be safe.  EpilFree has been shown to be safe, pain-free and there are no known side effects.  Children and teens with early onset of hair or unwanted hair growth can use Epilfree to remove the hair permanently.
EpilFREE is not only easy but also effective and affordable! It is in fact the most cost effective lasting hair removal solution there is on the market.
There have been no side effects observed related to the usage of EpilFREE since the creation of the product. However, the epilation work done prior to applying Epilfree might cause irritation and redness, particularly on individuals with thick hair or those who have their epilation done for the first time.
Yes, exposure to UV light from the sun or tanning beds is allowed 24 hours after treatment, as with a regular waxing.  As EpilFREE is not light-based, there are no limitations on UV exposure, as there are with LASER and IPL.  Enjoy the summer or a beach vacation and use Epilfree to be hair free and swimsuit ready.
Time between treatments is based on rate of hair growth and that varies from person to person and from body part to body part.  For best results, the treatment should be done when the remaining hair has regrown back to between 2.5 mm (1/8″) and 5.0 mm (1/4″) in length.  This allows the EpilFREE Epilation Treatment Wax to grab onto the hair most effectively.  Hair at this length is long enough for the wax to grab onto and pull it out from the root, while not too long that it breaks off at the skin surface.  For your first treatment, if your hair is longer than 5.0 mm (1/4″), the esthetician will trim it to the proper length before starting the EpilFREE treatment.
Pregnant or lactating women should not use EpilFREE.  Do not use EpilFREE in cases of skin cancer or other types of cancer.  After a skin peel, allow the skin to heal completely before using EpilFREE.  Do not use EpilFREE if you are undergoing acne treatment or taking blood thinners.  Any hormonal imbalances should be corrected before undergoing EpilFREE treatment.  In case of any doubt about your suitability, consult your physician before using EpilFREE.  Only accept treatment from an EpilFREE Certified Esthetician.
EpilFREE hair removal is available at leading clinics, spas and salons where the treatment is performed by Certified Epilfree Estheticians.  Please email or call for a list of providers in your area.