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Beauty Secrets is an NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider.

sealOur comprehensive NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education and Spa Training Programs incorporate a thorough understanding of the background, philosophy and history as it relates to the foundation for each spa therapy and country of origin, along with detailed product knowledge, demonstration and personal instruction with hands-on practice, so each attendee is able to experience as a therapist and client.

Morning: Background, Philosophy, History and Demonstration of Protocol
Afternoon: Hands-on Practice with Personalized Instruction

Ancient healing traditions and millenary spa rituals are geographically linked to their communities and utilize natural resources that are regionally available and often have a spiritual as well as therapeutic significance. It’s our goal to provide a deep understanding of the country of origin and cultural connection to the ingredients and techniques in order to provide a deeper therapeutic foundation for therapists to use when offering the healing benefits to guests.

In addition to the technical aspects, it’s important to look beyond the ABC’s of the protocol and fill in the blanks with an understanding of the countries history, deep culture connection and array of healing modalities that make each therapy a true healing experience. It’s the sum of the parts, Mind, Body & Spirit, with each given equal weight that creates the whole and ultimately the end results. Our goal is to create a bridge between ancient healing therapies and the modern world while maintaining the integrity of each healing tradition.

Global Spa Therapies

  • Thai Spa Therapies
  • Indonesian Spa Rituals
  • Andean Mystic Inka Treatment from Peru
Beauty Secrets - CE Workshop
Herbal Poultice Massage CE WorkshopsNCBTMB Approved for CE Hours
Herbal Poultice Massage CE Workshops
NCBTMB Approved for CE Hours

All our Thai Spa Training Programs maintain the healing traditions of Thai Massage with proprietary protocols developed in Thailand …MORE

Body Poultice
Herbal Poultice Full-Body Massage8 CE Hours
Herbal Poultice Full-Body Massage
8 CE Hours

The Herbal Poultice is a deep heat medicinal muscle treatment that dates back to 14th Century Thailand Ayutthaya Thailand when a hot pack was administered to…MORE

Cranial Herbal Poultice Head/Neck Recovery Massage8 CE Hours
Cranial Herbal Poultice Head/Neck Recovery Massage
8 CE Hours

An amazing massage therapy that utilizes 4 massage modalities to relieve sore muscles and ease tension along the back, shoulders, neck and…MORE

Herbal Eye Poultice Advanced Facial Massage8 CE Hours
Herbal Eye Poultice Advanced Facial Massage
Thai Facial Therapy / Contour & Lift – 8 CE Hours

All our Thai Spa Training Programs maintain the healing traditions of Thai Massage with proprietary protocols developed in Thailand …MORE

Thai Massage Intensive 60/9020 CE Hours
Thai Massage Intensive 60/90
20 CE Hours

The ancient healing art of Thai massage is being practiced in clinics and spas all over the world and has gained popularity in the West with consumer demand reaching an all…MORE

Body Scrub Rituals
Body Scrubs, Wraps and RitualsCE Hours pending
Body Scrubs, Wraps and Rituals
CE hours pending

This dynamic class covers everything from the basics of properly draping your table to the most efficient and comfortable way to turn your guest to create a therapeutic and relaxing…MORE

Herbal Spa Foot Therapy with Thai ReflexologyCE Hours Pending
Herbal Spa Foot Therapy with Thai Reflexology
CE Hours Pending

Our Thai Spa Foot Therapy combines traditional techniques for a deep heat medicinal foot massage using a steamed herbal compress, along with Thai reflexology and …MORE

Mystic Inka RitualTraining VideoNot approved for CE Hours
Mystic Inka Ritual
Training Video