Ytsara logoYtsara understands that nature recognizes nature, so we choose efficient natural actives that are readily bio-available and immediately lock with your own cells. Most of our plants come from the vast bio-diverse garden of Asia as they have secrets that healers have passed down through generations.

Asian botanicals activated through French science. Ytsara uses precious ingredients from nature, scientifically engineered to train the skin from deep inside to work at its best. They are gentle to the skin and respect the rhythm of our nature.

vegan | dermatologically tested | clinically proven

Ytsara formulas are engineered with LIVING WATER. Commonly reversed osmosis water (as in skincare GMP standards) is a filtration system that coupled with boiled water gives sterilized water. However, chemically cleaned water does not mean that water is “lively” and will benefit the skin (same for the plants in fact). Living water has a balanced pH, is free of memory and is rich with life force energy. This high-quality water helps the skin to reach maximum levels of hydration, delivers active ingredients deep into the skin at a cellular level.

  • Organically sourced, plant-based ingredients coming from renewable resources
  • Formulations are engineered with living water
  • Contains natural actives that are bio-available
  • Clinically proven and dermatologically tested
  • Vegan / Gluten free / Pesticide free / No GMO ingredients
  • No parabens, phenoxyethanol
  • No dies, formaldehydes, mineral oils, nano particles, hydroquinone
  • Efficacy driven, purer and safer due to new raw material technology

Ytsara Skin & Body Care products rest on three pillars that work synergistically together.


The Protect range is specifically formulated to help preserve skin’s natural defenses and minimize the effects of sun, pollution and stress. Asian botanicals are activated through French science and combined with our proprietary Elixir Originel base for beautiful results.


The Nurture range is specifically formulated to help skin maintain its natural balance and optimum function. Asian botanicals are activated through French science and combined with our proprietary Elixir Originel base for beautiful results.


he Boost range is specifically formulated to help repair skin from the aggressions of environment and passage of time. Asian botanicals are activated through French science and combined with our proprietary Elixir Originel base for beautiful results.

Stimulate skins natural function

Restore natural function Retrain natural skin function

Minimize environmental assailants

Encourage balance

Address specific threats with focused treatment

Preserve healthy skin resilience Nourish cells

Repair cell damage

We all get the same start in the very beginning. Keep what Nature has given you – the vibrancy and strength of youth. Daily life means stress, pollution and aging take their collective toll on your body and your skin. Take back what has been lost. The damage has been done, too much sun, too little sleep, rich eating habits and poor exercise. Put a stop to the abuse and fix what’s wrong.

Ytsara Skincare products are naturally infused with living all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential to heal, nourish, regenerate, balance and protect the skin.

  • Royal Thai & Aromatherapy Massage
  • Energy Meridian & Trigger Point Massage
  • 100% Natural & Organic Thai Botanicals & Herbs
  • Pranayama Deep Breathing
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    As the largest organ of your body, what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.


    It’s important to take care of the skin on your body with the same awareness and attention as your face in order to protect it from the environments’ daily stressors. It’s essential that what you massage into your skin is helping it function rather than adding to its workload.

    Ytsara’s carefully selected product ingredients and proprietary formulations support the processes the skin goes through, while adding to its intrinsic protection. Botanic extracts ensure renewal of the skin and maintain moisture levels, while essential oils feed the deeper layers and uplift the mind & spirit for a holistic combination of well-being.

    At the heart of every product is a range of unique spa therapies. These treatments are the cornerstone of the Ytsara experience and have been created to deliver outstanding results. They offer an exclusive journey with exquisite body wrap rituals and magnificent massage sequences that are all combined with the most potent actives available to ensure dramatic and visible results are achieved.

    The Herbal Poultice is a deep heat medicinal muscle treatment that dates back to 14th Century Thailand when a hot pack was administered to war soldiers returning from battle and remains an integral part of Thai Medicine. The heat, combined with the organic herbs are absorbed by the body & help reduce aches & pains, stimulate circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, detoxify and condition the skin.

    The tradition of herbal healing dates back for centuries & is an integrated system of medicine incorporating the Indian Ayurvedic system with Chinese practices, mixed folk medicine and the belief in the powers of nature and earth.

    Ytsara Essential Oil & Burner

    Ytsara Mood Blends

    Ytsara “Mood Blends” are a powerful blend of essential oils which have a strong psychological effect on the mind and can be added to any body care product (oil, lotion) or bath to enhance the benefits. Depending on the blend and skin type, they can also be used in combination with facial care products.

    Oil Burner

    The flame of a tea light gently heats the oil to add a natural aroma to any room without harmful synthetic fragrances.