Oil Of Java

Oil of Java

Oil of Java combines traditional knowledge with indigenous botanicals for a line of therapeutic essential oil blends to care for physical health problems pertaining to skin and beauty as well as psychological effects such as stress and tension.

Aromatherapy Benefits

Aromatherapy can revitalize the skin through essential oils that penetrate into the deeper layers to boost blood circulation, prevent diseases as it has antibacterial properties, neutralize tense nerves, reduce stress, provide relaxation through the olfactory senses, normalize metabolism and cellular respiration, increase vitality and help burn excess fat, moisturize skin, increase oxygen as well as removes toxin, help manage body equilibrium and stimulate therapeutic processes.

Oil of Java Essential Oils are concentrated blends and must be mixed or combined with an appropriate carrier or base before application to the face or body or added to a bath or hydrotherapy tub. Do not use heat.

Cellulite Oil

A combination of lemon, orange and lemongrass known to be effective treatment for tightening weak connective tissue, encouraging lymphatic drainage and stimulating the circulation for “inner cleansing” that aids in the reduction of cellulite. 10ml

Love Oil

Contains a classic blend of oils such as sandalwood, rose, patchouli, clove and cinnamon to stimulate and heighten the sensual emotion. 10ml

Pain Relief

A spicy blend of eucalyptus, clove, cajuput and peppermint, effective in overcoming weariness, while soothing painful muscles and stiff joints. Helpful in restoring the general well-being of the body. 10ml

Relaxing Oil

Overcome stress, physical or psychological fatigue with a calming blend of nutmeg and lemongrass traditionally used to instill peace, tranquility and reduce insomnia. 10ml