Epilfree Permanent Hair Reduction System

Epilfree is a natural & safe scientific solution for permanent hair reduction that that works with waxing, so it is suitable for everyone. Any skin tone or hair color, including blonde, gray, red and even fine vellus hair. It combines the simplicity of use with exceptional results that are equal to laser, but without the limitations and cost.

Epilfree has been proven to permanently stop the regrowth of hair on all parts of the body, regardless of skin tone or hair color and is safe & effective for those who have naturally dark or tanned skin or are photo sensitive due to medication. There is never a danger of skin pigmentation before during or after treatments.

Epilfree was developed by Dr. Konis as part of his long-term research of herbs and plants for the healing of skin disease caused by uncontrollable cell division. Interestingly, while testing his formula, he discovered the hair didn’t grow back in the treated areas and thus, Epilfree was born.

As an advocate of using natural ingredients, it consists of natural plant extracts in a unique formula that fuses the root hair cells and prevents them from growing a new hair. It is target specific (not enzyme based) and only eradicates the cells that are involved with the hair dividing process, so the skin remains healthy.

Based on a combination of natural & safe scientific ingredients (no toxic chemicals) that consist of essential liquids extracted from herbs, such as Ladies Mantle and Eucalyptus. The preparation nourishes and softens the skin, as well as enables the active ingredients to easily penetrate the skin pores to the hair follicle.

It’s a safe, effective & affordable alternative to laser & electrolysis hair removal methods & works in cases where they are ineffective or not an option and can be used as a complementary treatment.

Create Client Loyalty

With the growth and popularity of waxing centers and Groupons, clients can get a wax anywhere and for a low price, making it hard to compete.

Epilfree is a professional only hair reduction system that works with waxing and requires a trained technician and multiple sessions, so your clients will return frequently and aren’t able to seek treatments just anywhere.

Increase Waxing Revenue

Increase the Revenue of your Wax Department with each Treatment

Epilfree works with waxing and requires multiple treatments, so it creates an additional service and revenue for your wax department.



Upper Lip Wax = $15 Upper Lip Wax + Epilfree = $34
Bikini / Brazilian = $65 Brazilian + Epilfree = $140
Back Wax = $40 Back Wax + Epilfree = $90

Attract New Clients

Do clients ask you about permanent hair removal methods?
Do you have clients who had laser and it didn’t work, or with just a few remaining spots of hair?
Do you have clients who want permanent hair reduction, but not a candidate for laser?

Never turn a client away!  Epilfree is a solution for those interested in permanent hair reduction and who will seek treatments whether at your salon or elsewhere.  provide a solution for clients who struggle with excessive hair growth and they will refer clients to you!


Epilfree is solution based and will help you gain customers, not lose them.

Consistency and frequency are key to achieving results, so your clients will return more regularly.

Epilfree is a solution for those who suffer with excessive hair growth and are bound to frequent waxing to maintain confidence and the freedom to enjoy life without worrying about their hair.

Epilfree attracts clients who are seeking a more permanent solution for unwanted hair, clients who are not candidates for laser either because of skin/hair type limitations, cost, medication or fear of the modality.

Epilfree completes, not competes with laser & electrolysis

Clients who have had laser where it didn’t work, or their reduction hit a plateau can use Epilfree to further reduce the remaining hair and achieve their desired results.

Epilfree is a complement to electrolysis and helps reduce the amount of hair prior to the more expensive and time consuming individual hair removal process, especially helpful for large areas.

Click Here to learn more about how Epilfree works in a simple 1–2–3 process

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Epilfree Promo Video