ytsara_logoYtsara Skincare products are naturally infused with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential to heal, nourish, regenerate, balance and protect the skin.

The key to our products’ efficacy is their ingredients. Sourced with infinite care, we work to preserve the highest levels of active elements, in order to deliver the freshest, most fragrant & vital products to you. These ingredients are not only chosen for their therapeutic power to hydrate & protect the skin, while enhancing its natural functions, but also in order to make the most of their interaction with accompanying ingredients. Ytsara organic facial therapies are a mesmerizing experience based on the brilliant osmosis of Eastern healing practices…

  • Royal Thai & Aromatherapy Massage
  • Energy Massage & Trigger Points
  • 100% Natural & Organic Thai Botanicals & Herbs
  • Pranayama Deep Breathing
  • Chakra Rebalancing

The Ytsara Fruit & Flower Facial is an organic “facial therapy” that incorporates a rare blend of organic Thai botanicals, along with a 30-minute Royal Thai Massage to relax and relieve sore muscles along the shoulders, up the neck to the face and scalp where stress manifests most. It’s like having a facial and a massage. Ytsara skincare products feature a rare and exquisite blend of Thai botanicals such as Sacred Lotus, Noni Leaf, White Orchid and Hibiscus to cleanse, purify and replenish the skin for a brighter and tighter complexion. Royal Thai Massage: Similar to acupressure or marma point therapy in which pressure is applied to specific Sên Points to release blocked energy and direct healing to areas of discomfort, pain or illness. Savitri “Relaxation” breathing techniques used in Pranayama yoga complement the therapy to relax, regenerate and balance the body & mind.

Ytsara Facial Therapy for All Skin Types:

All Ytsara facial therapies include the exfoliating properties of Papaya, Sweet Orange & Tamarind extracts to smooth & soften the epidermis, while pure fossilized seaweed gently removes dirt & pollution from the deeper layers of the skin. Next enjoy the Eastern healing benefits of a Royal Thai massage that lulls you into a deep sleep by massaging Sên Point (marma points) inspired by Ayurvedic healing principals, while reducing puffiness and promoting an immediate lift-sensation. A facial mask to complement your skin type completes the treatment. This organic facial treatment will leave your skin deeply cleansed, revitalized and lifted for a brighter, tighter complexion and a peaceful mind.

Anti-aging (Chum Chou):

Quenching organic facial ideally suited for dry, thirsty, aging skin with a dull complexion and fines lines. An intriguing blend of anti-aging ingredients, including green tea, noni leaf & bamboo shoot leave your skin hydrated & feeling satin smooth with a radiant complexion and immediate lift sensation.

Acne Management (Na Sai):

A detoxifying organic facial for oily & acne skin featuring a deep cleansing mask formulated with Japanese Tanakura Sea Clay to draw out impurities & removes excess sebum. Leaves your skin with a clear and smooth complexion. Sensitive (Yothai): Regenerative organic facial for sensitive skin to gently cleanse, alleviate redness, dry patches & assist skin cell renewal & oxygenation. 100% Thai White Clay calms & soothes irritated or damaged skin while replenishing moisture levels for a clear & balanced complexion.

Teen (Sombun):

A balancing organic facial to meet the demands of a teen skin from normal to dry, oily or in between. Natural plant botanicals are used to gently cleanse, hydrate & refresh the skin for a clear complexion.

Dehydrated (Siam Sá):

Nurturing organic facial that provides instant & intensive hydration for dehydrated or combination skin. Phytosterols from sacred Lotus increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture while rosewood & lavender improve circulation & further boost hydration. Skin is energized for a bright, supple complexion.

About Ytsara

Drawing on centuries of Asian wisdom, Ytsara™ (meaning “freedom” in Thai) is an invitation to take a fresh look at life, using traditional, natural beauty secrets.

At the heart of Ytsara & our spa programs is the traditions of Asian wellness, nurturing the body balancing the psyche & soothing the soul for a complete rejuvenation. We aim to achieve radiant skin, healthy bodies and total well-being with down-to-earth solutions for those who want to maintain purity, nurture their skin and rejuvenate their souls.

Ytsara is developed exclusively for high-end resort & day spas that must cater to guests with a discerning appetite for beauty and excellence, coupled with their quest for a truly unique global spa experience.

Inspired by an Asian blend of healing & therapeutic remedies, Ytsara holistic spa programs and treatments offer an original and global approach to age-old rituals and native Asian holistic healing practices for modern use.

Our rich & inventive formulations using more than 55 organic ingredients will embark your customers on a journey of self-discovery with numerous tropical sensations: the balancing white orchid facial cream, healing herbal poultice compress, detoxifying ginger body wrap and the quenching bamboo shoot facial mask elicit exquisite delight.

Ytsara’s herbs, roots, flowers and fruits are either cultivated on organic farms in Thailand, or picked by hand in the forest, taking care to preserve the environment.

Ytsara chooses botanical ingredients that are easily renewable, intentionally using those that can be cultivated & not “stolen” from the wilderness as they are too difficult to re-plant there. The herbs for our poultices are organically grown and bought at a fair