About Body Care

As the largest organ of your body, what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.

Your skin is a vital organ that requires nourishment to keep it living and breathing properly. It protects against daily environmental stressors, so it’s important what you smooth into it helps it function rather than adding to its workload.

Botanical extracts and essential oils are naturally compatible with the skin and promote regeneration of healthy cells. A consistent body care regimen, including regular exfoliation and daily hydration with plant-infused products will ensure your body is able to achieve and maintain a naturally soft, healthy and youthful radiance.

Beauty Secrets Holistic Spa Therapies feature Ytsara and Dewi Sri Spa body care products that utilize natural & organic ingredients from the vast bio-diverse wildernesses of Thailand and Indonesia for professional use and home care.
Beauty Secret’s Holistic Spa Treatment Guide details all our spa services complete with menu description, product knowledge and list of retail support items.


An important cultural heritage from the Andean Incas is the way in which they cultivated the land. They respectfully developed ecological methods of single sowing and successfully grew more than 4400 native plants with great healing and health-promoting properties.

Aypa gathers this ancestral knowledge to connect with the essence of the Land of the Incas in order to create well-being through natural ecological products.

Aypa. An invitatin to discover the power and the secret of plants and Andean rituals that unite the body with nature to achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance. A return to the essence.

Connect with the essence of the Land of Incas with Aypa.

The Aypa Inspiration

In the heart of the Peruvian Andes, between mystical mountains with vibrant energies, lies the most valuable legacy of the Andean culture: its Cosmovision.

The Andean world view conceives the world as a whole and respects the universal principles that integrate human beings into Mother Nature, inspiring them to live a balanced life and act respectfully toward Earth.

Earth, or Aypa in Quechuan language, is sacred to the Andean settlers. It is their source of life, their place to live and to share their lives with. Earth nurtures them and teaches them how to grow. In return, they take care of the land and protect it.

Through different rituals and acts of reciprocity with nature, the Andean peple preserve their identity, take care of the environment and create well-being, living in perfect harmony with the energies that flow in the universe.


The key to our products’ efficacy is their ingredients. Sourced with infinite care, we work to preserve the highest levels of active elements, in order to deliver the freshest, most fragrant & vital products to you. These ingredients are not only chosen for their therapeutic power to hydrate & protect the skin, while enhancing its natural functions, but also in order to make the most of their interaction with accompanying ingredients.

As the largest organ of your body, it’s important to take care of the skin on your body with the same care & attention as your face and protect it from the environments’ daily stressors. It’s essential that what you massage into your skin is helping it function rather than adding to its workload.

Ytsara’s natural products support the processes the skin goes through, while adding to its intrinsic protection. Botanic extracts keep the skin moisturized, while essential oils uplift the mind & spirit, in a holistic combination of well-being.

At the heart of every product is a range of unique spa therapies. These treatments are the cornerstone of the Ytsara experience, and have been created to deliver outstanding results. Offering an exclusive journey with massage sequences and body wrap rituals that are combined with the most potent actives available to ensure dramatic and visible results are achieved.


Dewi Sri Spa™ reveals the secret ancient wisdom of total beauty care known as “Rupasampat Wahyabiantara,” which reflects both inner and outer beauty throughout all lifecycles.

Dewi Sri Spa™ uses a rich combination of Rice Extract, Turmeric and Essential Oils to nourish the skin revitalize the lymphatic system and stimulate internal organs for vitality and rebirth.

There are 3 Aromatic Blends within the Dewri Sri Spa™ product line, giving guests the opportunity to be pampered with their favorite aroma blend, as well as providing spa professionals the freedom to customize their own treatments using all – or a combination of the products.