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An important cultural heritage from the Andean Incas is the way in which they cultivated the land. They respectfully developed ecological methods of single sowing and successfully grew more than 4400 native plants with great healing and health-promoting properties.

Aypa gathers this ancestral knowledge to connect with the essence of the Land of the Incas in order to create well-being through natural ecological products.

Aypa. An invitatin to discover the power and the secret of plants and Andean rituals that unite the body with nature to achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance. A return to the essence.

Connect with the essence of the Land of Incas with Aypa.

The Aypa Inspiration

AypaIn the heart of the Peruvian Andes, between mystical mountains with vibrant energies, lies the most valuable legacy of the Andean culture: its Cosmovision.

The Andean world view conceives the world as a whole and respects the universal principles that integrate human beings into Mother Nature, inspiring them to live a balanced life and act respectfully toward Earth.

Earth, or “Aypa” in Quechuan language, is sacred to the Andean settlers. It is their source of life, their place to live and to share their lives. Earth nurtures them and teaches them how to grow. In return, they take care of the land and protect it.

Through different rituals and acts of reciprocity with nature, the Andean peple preserve their identity, take care of the environment and create well-being, living in perfect harmony with the energies that flow in the universe.

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